Life Members

The people listed below are recognized as Life Members of the Vermont Vultures Basketball Club.

A Life Member shall be an honorary member of the Club for life, with voting rights at Members’ Meetings.

Any member of the Club may nominate in writing to the President or Secretary, for the consideration of the General Committee, any person who has an outstanding record of achievement with the Club over a long period of time to be awarded life membership.

Vermont Vultures Basketball Club Life Members

Name Awarded
Mr L Webster 1959
Mr E Tucker 1959
Mr H Hauser 1962
Mr Charles Helmore 1964
Miss Margaret Herring 1966
Mr Jack Nicey 1977
Mr Alec Crook 1982
Mr John Nixon 1982
Mrs Margaret Keogh 1982
Mrs Gwen Rickard 1982
Mr William Rickard 1982
Mr Brett Nicey 1985
Mr Scott Nicey 1985
Mr Shaun Vance 1985
Mrs Barbara Barker 1989
Mrs Maureen Neill 1991
Mrs Edna Logie 1991
Mr Dennis O’Brien 1993
Mr William Gayther 1993
Mrs Sue Fallon 1995
Mr Bob Fallon 1995
Mr B Finney 1997
Mrs Kristine Herd 1999
Mr Wayne Nicey 2005
Mrs Brenda Bright 2005
Mr Peter Morgan 2005
Mrs C McLennan 2007
Mr Andrew Halsall 2008
Mr Ben Dall 2010
Mr John Bevacqua 2012
Mr John Breukers 2013
Mrs Leanne Moynihan 2014
Mr Alan Jephcott 2015
Mrs Sally Jephcott 2015

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