Registration – Winter 2024

Winter 2024 Season Registration is CLOSED!

Welcome all to the Winter Season 2024 with the Vermont Vultures. For this coming season, the Vultures have made a number of changes to the registration process and dates so please be sure the read the information below.

The first change that we are making has stemmed from parent, coach and team manager feedback from the previous registration periods. This is primarily based around the notification time all participants receive; in particular, the short amount of time between releasing teams, ensuring teams have coaches and training venues, the first training session and the first game. Knowing these items further in advance can help parents plan around other activities such as swimming, sports, dancing or tutoring.

The registration periods for the coming season are:

Date Details Notes
Thursday, February 1, 2024 Registration opens! From Thursday, Feb 1 to Sunday, Feb 18, registration is $325 and you will need to follow the Early Bird process detailed below.
Sunday, Feb 18 at 11:55 pm The Early Bird pricing and registration process finishes.
Monday, Feb 19 at 9 am

Standard Registration fee and process begins. It is $350 and the process is outlined below.

Sunday, March 3 at 11:55pm

Standard Registration price and process finishes.

The registration link will not be available after March 3 and anyone wishing to play for the Vultures will join the waiting list where spots will be determined by Age Group Coordinators.

At this point, any player requests or previous grades cannot be considered as we will be placing players in any spots that are available or arise.

March 4 to March 25

Teams are created, entered with the association, coaches are assigned and venues are selected for training.

March 26 to March 29

Teams will be published to coaches & team managers.

Team Queries

The next major change to the registration process is that any queries should be directed to the relevant Age Group Coordinator (AGC) instead of the Vultures Club Admin email. We have assigned 2 members per Age Group to assist with queries. This will ensure queries get answered faster and by someone involved with the registration process of your age group.

Midweek and Saturday age groups will have the same Age Group Coordinators.

BOYS Email GIRLS Email
U8 Mixed U8
U10 U10
U12 U12
U14 U14
U16/18 U16/18

Pricing and Payment

The final change to registration is the pricing and payment process. With PlayHQ introducing additional fees which would be costing Vultures members thousands of dollars collectively, we are changing to the following payment methods:

Early Bird Registrations (Feb 1-18)

  • Vultures Registration fee of $325 per player
  • Sibling or additional game discount of $35 after the first player
  • Registration is completed via PlayHQ where the Vultures Registration will be $0 – Please note the Basketball Victoria payment of $29 or Basketball Australia payment of $5.50 may still be paid at this point.
  • After all your children are registered in PlayHQ, a bank transfer needs to be completed to the account below. For us to easily identify and process the transfer, please follow below steps:
    • Add your email address (the one you use in PlayHQ) to the DESCRIPTION field.
    • Put the player names in the REFERENCE field.
    • Complete the funds transfer.
    • Finally, send the remittance email to
  • If the bank transfer is not completed before the March 3 deadline, then the registration will be deemed as incomplete and we will be unable to assign your children to a team. Please ensure this transfer is completed.

Vermont Vultures Basketball Club
BSB: 633000
ACC: 173952946

Description Price Discount Discounted Fees Family Total
First Child (U8) 325.00 35.00 290.00
First Child (U10 – U21*) 325.00 N/A 325.00
Second Child
(Including when 1 sibling is an U8)
325.00 35.00 290.00 615.00

Third Child (inc. any U8 siblings)

325.00 70.00 255.00 870.00

Fourth Child (inc. any U8 siblings)

325.00 105.00 220.00 1,090.00

* U21 Player only applicable for Boys Friday U18/21 competition

** A second game discount of $35 is also applicable – any players wishing to play a second game are charged an additional flat fee of $290, regardless of number of siblings.

*** Non-training players will receive a $50 refund post grading. If a player has already claimed the $35 second game discount, this will be reduced by that amountStandard Registrations (Feb 19-Mar 3)

**** Please note that you can only take one discount per child. For example if you already have 2 kids in U8, then you pay the $290 for each without any further discount. However, if you have an U8 and a U10 child, the U8 will be $290 and the U10 gains the second child discount to be $290 during the early bird sign-up process as well.

Registration Links for Winter Season 2024 (School Terms 2 & 3)

Registration has now closed for the upcoming season and our Age Group Co-ordinators (AGC’s) have begun building teams.

To join the waitlist, complete the form below.

At this point, any player requests or previous grades cannot be considered as we will be placing players in any spots that are available or arise.

Competitions Available

Saturday Mixed/Girls U8, Boys/Girls U10 / U12 / U14 / U16 / U18
Monday Mixed U8, Girls U10/U12/U14/U16
Friday Boys U10 / U12 / U14 / U16 / U18 / U21

Season Dates:

Junior MEBA Midweek 15th April 20246th September 2024
Junior GEBC Saturday Competition 20th April 20247th September 2024


All Vermont Vultures players are required to have a playing uniform (singlet and shorts) to participate in games.

Uniforms and other merchandise can be ordered from the club’s official apparel supplier via There is a sizing guide provided on the website.

Please note the following:

  • Singlet numbers are allocated to players by the club.  You can request up to 3 preferred singlet numbers when ordering but please be aware that they are subject to availability across a player’s age group, not just the team they are playing in.
  • The club does not facilitate a second-hand uniform operation, but should you acquire a second-hand uniform, you will need to contact the Uniforms Co-ordinator to check that the singlet number is available and to register the singlet number to the player before the season commences.
  • All uniform orders must be completed by 14th March 2024 to ensure they’re ready before the season begins. Manufacturing takes approx. 4-5 weeks. This year, for the first time, to speed up the delivery of uniforms and avoid any unnecessary delays, Impact Sports will be shipping uniforms directly to our members.

We are now offering a free uniform set for new under 8 players joining the club for the first time. (If this applies to your child please contact the uniforms co-ordinator for further information.)

For any further information regarding uniforms, please contact the Club’s Uniform Co-ordinator –

We encourage everyone, including players, coaches & team managers to please register as soon as possible!

For more information, please contact:

Junior Domestic Fixture - Saturday Competition

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

Junior Domestic Fixture - Mid Week Competitions

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

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