2023 Full Time Score

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As we wrap up another exciting year of basketball, we’re thrilled to share some highlights:

  1. Growing Stronger Together: 21 New Teams, 154 More Players!

Our Vultures family is thriving and growing: we added 21 new teams this season. This incredible growth means 154 more kids are out there, dribbling, shooting, and finding their love for the game with the Vultures.

In Summer 2023/24 seasons, Vultures has almost 1000 active players! It’s not just about the numbers, and not just about the sport; it’s about building friendships, growing confidence, developing skills, and creating memories.

  1. New Sponsors = New Opportunities.

A special shout-out to our fantastic sponsors who have joined us this year.

Melbourne Plumbing Group, our uniform sponsor, is a family-owned and operated local business that values quality and professional service.

TC Hire is the proud sponsor of our Coaches Polos. TC Hire provides construction equipment hire to the building and insurance sectors all over Melbourne servicing some of the state’s largest insurance builders and makesafe organisations. The team at TC Hire have been long-time supporters of our club having past players and coaches of the Vermont Vultures amongst their own team.

Our sponsors’ generous support is translating into improved equipment, enhanced facilities, and greater opportunities for our club.

  1. Vultures Day

Our inaugural Vultures Day was a fantastic success! The courts were full, there were plenty of cheers, and the spirit of friendly competition reigned during the coach’s competition – (and nobody got hurt!) Plus, how good was it to have legendary Aussie Boomer, Jason Smith along on the day!?

The positive reviews are a testament to the tireless work of Jase, Toni and the broader committee in making Vultures Day happen.

Good news – we can keep the momentum going as we continue to make Vultures Day an annual highlight on our calendar. Stay tuned for the details of Vultures Day 2024!

We are also working on a Summer 23/24 presentation day – we will keep you updated with the details.

  1. Training Coaches, Highlighting Safety

This year, we’re proud to announce that 51 of our coaches earned certification from Basketball Victoria. At the same time, we conducted internal Child Safety briefings before each session, ensuring that our players are not only developing their skills but doing so in a secure and supportive environment.

  1. Youth Coaches: everyone wins.

Our focus on youth development means we now have 14 Youth Coaches, a significant jump from the previous season’s 6. This growth is exciting, since we can see the talents of our young leaders on show. Secondary school age coaches can grow their own confidence, communication, and leadership skills by coaching younger players – this is a fabulous win-win for younger and older players – and it looks great on resumes and applications for school leadership too.

We’re excited about the potential for further expansion in this area!

Junior Domestic Fixture - Saturday Competition

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

Junior Domestic Fixture - Mid Week Competitions

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

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