Summer 2020 Admin & Fee Changes

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Hi Vultures,

Based on some queries & social media commentary regarding changes to the fee structure this season, we wanted to make sure everyone is clear on what has changed and what the impacts are.


MEBA have made a number of decisions that impact costs for this season including increasing the cost for weekly team sheets and adding the venue entry fee to this to facilitate a cashless experience. Full details of changes for the season are listed below.

We have reviewed the new cost structure against a number of variables including the profile of players per family at our club, the number of players in a team, and the number of parents attending games. Whilst this is assumption based, and we recognise that there are lots of variables that influence each family’s circumstances, we have been able to identify that the majority of the club will likely either pay the same, or are a little better off than last season.

We understand that there are some scenarios where a small number of families will be paying more, and for anyone who cannot absorb this, we are able to review individual circumstances. If you think this is your situation, then please email the Club President Hamish Blank, in confidence, at We have added more detail below to help you understand the impact to your family’s position. Hopefully this helps.

We have also made the decision to not include the full cost of registration & team sheet fees as a single payment in order to spread out costs throughout the season. This means we will use the Teammo app to facilitate weekly team sheet payments. We’ll shortly circulate details on this to Managers for this season however for a brief overview, please take a look at a demonstration at

As a club, we obviously seek to represent your interests in keeping costs as low as possible, however we also recognise this is a unique situation for MEBA to manage this year. We have decided to absorb the additional 7-8 weeks of training costs from running an extended season, and for future seasons, we will look to further review options for those families with 3 or more children playing.


Vultures Committee

Summer season changes & cost impact assessment

What has changed?

  • This season there will be 25 games, not including finals (up from a typical 16-17 game summer season)
  • MEBA have increased team sheet costs from $38.50 to $41 per game
  • MEBA has made the decision that venues will go cashless and therefore the $3 entry fee per player/spectator, per day, will now be added to the team sheet cost
  • MEBA have calculated that on average 14.3 players/spectators have attended each game in recent seasons, which means the entry fee component to be added is $43 per game
  • The total cost per game is therefore now $84
  • The $84 weekly payment will now be completed electronically via Teammo app each week

What have we done?

We have estimated the cost change against:

  • Number of parents attending each day (1 or 2)
  • Number of players in the team (7 or 8)
  • Number of children in each family (1-3)

We’ve completed a table to highlight impact of the main scenarios – the change per week from last season is highlighted, with the colour coding to represent scale of impact (note negative impacts i.e. where families are better off, are represented with brackets)

Change per week with 7 players on a team

Parents Attending
Children Playing 1 2
1 $0.50 ($2.50)
2 $4.00 $1.00
3 $7.50 $4.50

Change per week with 8 players on a team

Parents Attending
Children Playing 1 2
1 ($0.30) ($3.30)
2 $2.40 ($0.60)
3 $5.00 $2.00

We identified that the majority of families in the club have just one child playing and therefore have a minimal impact or are better off

This table does not cover every scenario, but we think it covers the majority of the club. Obviously if there are more parents/direct family members attending, this will decrease the cost but the reverse is true for some of the older age groups who may have no family members or parents attend

What does this mean for me?

For the large majority of the club, you are either paying less or about the same as previous seasons

Your team manager will still collect team sheet payments as per previous seasons, however this will now include the entry fee component

Keep in mind that the increase team sheet cost for the season is also as a result of a 50% increase in the number of games to be played

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