A message for Coaches & Team Managers

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Hi Coaches and Team managers,

Thank you to those coaches and team managers who recently completed the online training request form and your patience as we collated and timetabled training requests.

We are pleased to share team’s allocated training days, times and venues for this winter 2023 season.

With over 100 teams to consider, please appreciate that we have done our very best to allocate training sessions, whilst also taking into account our venue availability and suitable time slots for various age groups. We know that you may have a few questions now that you’re aware of your training slot, so we’ve collated a few FAQ’s below to assist you.

What do I do with this information?

It’s time to let your team know and start training! We suggest that the team manager arranges to set up a chat forum (i.e Whatsapp) where you can seamlessly and easily communicate with your team throughout the season. You can then let them know the training details and when the coach wants to commence training.

When does training start?

This coming week! All training venues will be available for training from this Monday 24th April. We appreciate this may be short notice for some families, so it will be up to the coach to determine whether you want to commence training this coming week or hold off until the following week. Important note: All training venues will be CLOSED on Anzac day (Tuesday 25th April). Any teams allocated a Tuesday training session will need to wait until Tuesday 2nd May before you can commence training.

When do games start?

Mid week (Monday) – Monday 24th April 2023 – Fixture here
Mid week (Friday) – Friday 28th April 2023  – Fixture here
Saturday – Saturday 29th April 2023 – Fixture here (Fixture details pending release)

Why hasn’t my team been allocated a training session?

The likely reason is your team may not have submitted an online training request form. Please do so asap and we will allocate you a session, noting that availability is now limited across all days and time slots. Requests via text message or facebook will not be accepted. If you believe you have already submitted a request, please contact us using the process tabled below.

I am a coach or team manager, why isn’t my name listed on the training sheet?

The likely reason is because you have not officially registered via Play HQ. All coaches and  team managers need to undertake this task. Please do so asap using the links below. It is essential that the club and the association have this information. Note that you will be prompted to add in your Working with Children’s Check (WWCC), so please have this information on hand. WWCC’s are required to carry out these roles.

Mid-week competition: register here
Saturday competition: register here

What if we are a non training team?

Thank you to those teams that have already informed us that they do not wish to train this season. If any other teams do not wish to train this season, please let us know via the online training request form so that we have record of this decision on file.

The training time allocated to me isn’t suitable, now what?

All training times allocated should be within the scope of availability advised, however with anywhere from 6-9 families within your team, it’s realistic to expect the training time you have been allocated may not suit everyone. As a coach or team manager, please ask your team to be open and flexible with the session allocated and consider how as a team you may be able to support one another.  If after careful consideration you decide that alternative training time is needed, we may be able to support you in finding an alternative session, noting that availability is now limited across all days and time slots.

Please email Gareth at: venuesmanager@vermontvultures.org.au, and cut and paste the below table into your email and provide the following details:

Example below. Please delete the existing text and replace it with information relevant to your team.


Under 12’s








John Citizen


Thursday 6.30 – 7.30pm at Mullauna College


Monday 4pm – 7pm OR Tuesday 5pm – 8pm


Although I initially advised that Thursdays were suitable, I have just been informed by families in my team that half the boys have football training on Thursday at 6pm and wouldn’t be able to make basketball training. We will now need to switch to Monday or Tuesday.

What if another team is willing to swap training sessions?

If you have engaged with another team and both teams are happy to swap training slots, then happy days!  Just let us know, so we can update our records. It will then be up to you to inform your teams accordingly of the change. Unfortunately the club cannot reach out to other teams on your behalf, nor can we provide you with private contact details of other coaches or team managers.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Gareth Rowell
Venues Managers
Vermont Vultures Basketball Club

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