Season Dates – Winter 2023

Winter 2023

  Saturday Comp Friday Night Comp Monday Night Comp
Round Date Date Date
Game 1 29th April 2023 28th April 2023 24th April 2023
Game 2 6th May 5th May 1st May
Game 3 13th May 12th May 8th May
Game 4 20th May 19th May 15th May
Game 5 27th May 26th May 22nd May
Game 6 3rd Jun 2nd Jun 29th May
King’s Birthday 10th Jun – NO GAMES
Game 7 17th Jun 9th Jun 5th Jun
Game 8 24th Jun 16th Jun 19th Jun
School Holiday’s 1st Jul – NO GAMES
Game 9 8th Jul 23rd Jun 10th Jul
Game 10 15th Jul 14th Jul 17th Jul
Game 11 22nd Jul 21st Jul 24th Jul
Game 12 29th Jul 28th Jul 31st Jul
Game 13 5th Aug 4th Aug 7th Aug
Game 14 12th Aug 11th Aug 14th Aug
Game 15 19th Aug 18th Aug 21st Aug
Game 16 26th Aug 25th Aug 28th Aug
Game 17 2nd Sep 1st Sep
Elimination Final 9th Sep 8th Sep 4th Sep
Grand Final 16th Sep 15th Sep 11th Sep


Junior Domestic Fixture - Saturday Competition

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

Junior Domestic Fixture - Mid Week Competitions

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

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