Summer 2023-24 – MVP & Coaches Awards

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We hope everyone has enjoyed the Summer 2023/2024 basketball season!

We request you submit your Coaches Award winner by 5pm, Sunday 10th March.

Please double-check the spelling of award winners’ names as these will be submitted directly to trophy suppliers.

Voting and Trophies are Optional for Under 16’s teams and not applicable for Under 18’s.

All the best for teams that are heading into finals.

Go Vultures!

More information and the form to complete can be found here… CLICK HERE!

Trophy’s will be ready by the day of our Twilight Presentation Evening on Sunday 24th March. More details on the event are here… CLICK HERE!

Missing MVP Votes:

Going into this weekend we are still missing multiple rounds, please see below:
Saturday Competition
Team B14 VT-13 R5
Team B14 VT-13 R6
Team B14 VT-13 R7
Team B14 VT-13 R8
Team B14 VT- 13 R9
Team B14 VT-13 R10
Team B14 VT-11 R11
Team B14 VT-13 R11
Team B12 VT-10 R12
Team B10 VT-7 R12
Team B14 VT-11 R12
Team B12 VT-4 R12
Team B14 VT-13 R12
Team G10 VT-5 R12
Team G10 VT-1 R12
Team B12 VT-10 R13
Team B10 VT-7 R13
Team B10 VT-10 R13
Team B14 VT-11 R13
Team B14 VT-13 R13
Team B14 VT-3 R13
Team G10 VT-1 R13
Team G14 VT-2 R13
Team B14 VT-13 R14
Team B10 VT-7 R14
Team B14 VT-11 R14
Team B14 VT-9 R14
Team G10 VT-1 R14
Team G12 VT-4 R14
Team G14 VT-2 R14
Team B10 VT-7 R15
Team B10 VT-10 R15
Team B10 VT-11 R15
Team B14 VT-11 R15
Team B14 VT-13 R15
Team B14 VT-9 R15
Team G10 VT-2 R15
Team G10 VT-3 R15
Team G10 VT-5 R15
Team G12 VT-4 R15
Mid-week Competition
Team B14 VT-2 R6
Team B14 VT-2 R7
Team B14 VT-2 R8
Team B14 VT-2 R9
Team B14 VT-2 R10
Team B14 VT-7 R10
Team B14 VT-2 R11
Team B14 VT-2 R12
Team B14 VT-8 R13
Team B14 VT-2 R13
Team B14 VT-2 R14
Team B14 VT-2 R15
Team B14 VT-4 R15
Team G10 VT-1 R15!
Team B10 VT-7 R16
Team B12 VT-3 R16
Team B14 VT-2 R16
Team B14 VT-4 R16
Team B14 VT-7 R16!
Any questions please contact via email:

Junior Domestic Fixture - Saturday Competition

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

Junior Domestic Fixture - Mid Week Competitions

Summer 2023/24 Fixture

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