Training Details for Saturday 12th December – ** REVISED **

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Please see the table below for your team’s allocated time and court for training at Nunawading Basketball Stadium on Saturday 12th December 2020.

There are still a few timeslots available for teams that are yet to register their interest to train.  Please email the clubs venues manager, Kerrie Batten at to discuss being allotted one of the remaining spots.


Court 1 Court 1 Court 2 Court 2 Court 3 Court 3 Court 4 Court 4 Court 5 Court 5
8am Sat – Andrew Sat – Andrew Mon – Kerrie Sat – Gav Sat – Brendan Sat – Andrew Sat – Chris Sat -Sam
x08 VT1 x08 VT3 x08 VT1 & x10 VT3 x08 VT4 Bx10 VT3 Bx12 VT2 Bx10 VT7 Bx10 VT6
9am Fri – Peter Mon – Megan Sat – Pat Fri – Joe Sat – Leigh Sat – Matt
Bx10 VT2 x08 VT2 x08 VT2 Bx10 VT1 Mixed x10 VT2 Bx10 VT5
10am Sat – Justin Sat – Tony Sat – Leigh Sat – Leigh Mon – Gav Sat – Gav Sat – Matt Fri – Sally Sat – Steve Sat – Steve
Bx12 VT14 Bx12 VT1 Bx12 VT6 Bx12 VT6 Gx12 VT1 Gx12 VT1 Bx12 VT11 Bx12 VT2 Gx16 VT3 Gx16 VT4
11am Mon – Garry Sat – Robert Sat – Phill Sat – Tommy Mon – Gav Sat – Gav Fri – David Sat – Rob Fri – Chris Sat – Yarron
Gx14 VT2 Gx14 VT4 Bx14 VT2 Bx14 VT9 Gx12 VT1 Gx12 VT1 Bx14 VT3 Gx14 VT4 Bx14 VT1 Bx12 VT7
12pm Sat – Ash Sat – Ash Sat – Abhi Sat – Jason Sat – Brendan Sat – Damien Sat – Alix Fri – Rob Sat – Kate Sat – Olivia
Gx14 VT3 Gx16 VT5 Bx12 VT4 Bx14 VT6 Bx14 VT1 Bx12 VT10 Bx16 VT1 Bx16 VT3 Bx14 VT8 Bx12 VT5
1pm Mon – Dean Fri – Janelle Sat – TM Andrea Sat – Alix Sat – Miranda
Gx14 VT1 Bx16 VT10 Bx14 VT7 Bx14 VT7 Gx16 VT2 Bx16 VT8
2pm Sat – Alix Sat – Yaron Fri – Hannah Fri – Heather Sat – TM Yeng Sat – Nil
Gx14 VT1 Bx16 VT6 Bx16 VT5 Bx16 VT1 Bx16 VT4 Bx16 VT8




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